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JoMel-Nacaha serves as a marketing arm for 100% Tribal- Owned 8(a) Enterprises.


Our task is to identify and qualify companies and organizations to participate in the expansion of the Tribe’s economic reach in the federal marketplace.



  • Qualify relationships in partnering with the Native American community.

  • Provide economic growth.

  • Create employment for tribal members. 

  • Protect Native American heritage and foster individual development through unique opportunities in the public and private marketplace.

  • Contract services provider

  • Educates, evaluates and eliminates potential clients  

  • Presents potential candidates’ applications to the Tribal 8(a) CEO and its Board of Directors

  • Communicates the Tribal 8(a)’s decision to accept or reject a candidate

  • Markets Teaming Partners to the federal agencies, Contracting Officers, and Contract Specialists.

  • Interfaces with federal Contracting Officers and political representatives

  • Manages teaming partners, joint ventures, and mentor protégé relationships

  • Represents and reports directly to its Tribal 8(a) CEO

JoMel-Nacaha has earned a relationship of trust with the tribe.
Our objective is to bring selected, qualified teaming partners to
the tribe for the mutual benefit of all parties. JoMel-Nacaha is
the gateway to the Tribe to increase revenue and improve

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