Advocates of the 8(a) process
Connecting Contacts to Contracts

Our Vision

JoMel-Nacaha is recognized by many Tribal economic development organizations as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the Native American culture for economic development using the Tribal 8(a) Contract Vehicle in the federal government market place. Many Tribal economic development organizations also use JN as their SME for federal contract law and the SBA 8(a) guidelines. JN often establishes a working relationship between the Tribal 8(a) and the US Representative for their Congressional District. This working relationship often proves invaluable to open doors in the federal market. JN deploys an Evaluation, Elimination Program (EEP) to select a candidate firm with the potential of becoming a protégé of JN and a Teaming Partner of a JN Tribal client. This EEP has over thirty five years of success. The Tribal 8 (a) or federal government will direct or require being involved in each part of the Tribal 8(a) marketing and contracting process or contract from beginning to end as an advisor/representative for the Native American teaming partnership. JN educates and teaches all participants in this process.

The Process

Become Better

Become Better JoMel-Nacaha (JN), Inc. serves our Tribal 8(a) clients by carefully vetting potential Teaming Partners while seeking the very best in the industry. This process is called the Evaluate Eliminate Process (EEP). If you are accepted by the Tribal Review Committee and Tribal 8(a) leadership, then you will have the opportunity to accept the unique marketing position of the Tribal 8(a) Teaming Partner. JN will educate, guide and measure the Teaming Partner’s performance using the Advantage Control and Edge (ACE) Program. Our ACE Program is designed to give you an unique Advantage in the federal market. It will permit you to Control the 8(a) process and give you an Edge over the competitors.

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